Friday night blogging

May 17, 2008

So, it’s Friday, and I ain’t got no job, and ain’t got shit to do…so I’m blogging?? Yes, that is how awesomely pathetic my social life is. Anyway, I’ve decided that since I’m inevitably going to be on the Internet, wasting time, I might as well write. This kind of writing doesn’t require too much effort and I really should start journaling. So: my goals are to clean up the blog a bit, remove some of those pesky “upcoming post idea” posts on which I have no intention of following up, and crank out a few short pieces about what’s been happening with me lately.


2 Responses to “Friday night blogging”

  1. trishalee Says:

    Well how funny is it that I just signed up and my first blog was a question of whether I should speak out and talk about things I would normally write in a journal?. Sweet, thank you for touching on the subject, wasn’t sure of what people actually focused on with this site.

  2. aquaboogie Says:

    That’s awesome. Blog on! It’s so cool that someone actually read this.

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